• Workflow, Business Process Management, Document Management, Collaboration, Enterprise content management

    OWIS is an enterprise content management system designed to respond to information needs of organizations regardless of their size, type or industry, and if it is today or tomorrow. With this integrated, Super Bundle, your investment simply makes sense.

    All is already in OWIS

    Super Bundle
  • OWIS is available in the cloud and on premise

    Some like to keep data under their control. Others like to have no worries about computational resource, infrastructure and maintenance. With OWIS you choose, on premise or in the cloud.

    You choose
  • Learning curve

    Setup time

    Return on Investment

    OWIS is: Easy to use - Intuitive, point-and-click user interface radically cuts the learning curve. Easy to (re)Configure - Focus on your business, not on the technology. Intuitive, drag-and-drop designer features require no programming. Setup is quick and simple. Do it yourself, or let us help you.

    Intuitive +
  • Works today, works tomorrow!

    Companies change, grow, evolve. With OWIS technology is a partnerfor your growth, not an obstacle. Reconfigure it on the fly and see it run for you, with you.